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The spirit of Lifeplus

November 28, 2018

Lifeplus is a referral marketing company specialising in supplying high quality natural nutritional supplements and organic skin care products. Faye Elmore is their Senior Customer Marketing Manager and oversees the marketing activity for Lifeplus associates throughout their journey with the brand.

Faye and her team wanted to use Seenit to collect video stories from both their associates and employees based all across Europe to engage their communities around their flagship event ‘Spirit of Lifeplus’, masterminded by Vicki Seaton, the European Events Manager. The event is attended by 10,000+ and is a chance for them to celebrate the Lifeplus community and share the most inspiring stories from the people who are most passionate and knowledgeable about the brand.

“We quickly realised Seenit offered more opportunities beyond that of event content and so factored in bringing our customer stories to life through our customer campaigns and other channels too”

On top of the challenge of creating content for 10,000+ attendees and even more in their online community, Faye’s and Vicki’s teams have the added challenge of needing to communicate in multiple languages.

Working with Seenit’s Customer Success team, we were able to create an app experience suited to the needs of their associates and collected content in 6 different languages so that every one of their communities were represented and included!

The output the Lifeplus team managed to get from Seenit over their initial rollout were 3 amazing edited videos made up of over 400 shots by 85 Contributors. These were shown during the event to engage the thousands of contributors as they entered the main hall and also post-event becoming their best performing Social Media content to date. Moreover, they had some lovely things to say about Seenit’s Customer Success team!

“The people at Seenit are, for me, what makes Seenit. The tech and the platform go without saying help to facilitate the end result but, ultimately the added value comes through the great team and the service they provide”

Thank you to all the team at Lifeplus for your continued hard work, support and awesome creativity with the Seenit platform and here is their final edit for Spirit 2018 - enjoy!

If your business is looking to create video at scale with your advocates, employees or consumers get in touch with Seenit.

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