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Why pay an influencer when you can just make them?

September 10, 2018

Influencers; Instagram, fashion, workout, micro, macro - whatever the prefix - they have a pull that brands pay for. But why fork out £1000’s for a single post when you can generate your own brand loyal influencers? That’s just what Look Fantastic did with Seenit.


With the varying scales of influencers & explosion of paid sponsorship, finding an ambassador who is mutually influential & genuinely passionate about your brand is difficult. Evermore businesses are having to choose between influence or authenticity.

However,  The Hut Group’s Look Fantastic overcame this by bolstering the impact of brand fans through a Seenit powered casting campaign.

Casting as an engaging story

Look Fantastic did a public search for brand ambassadors to be known as The Beauty Set.   

They called for submission via their Youtube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. This call out invited people to download Seenit in order to upload application clips. The beauty retailer used well-known personalities like It’s Sabrina, Louise Thompson, & Patricia Bright, as well as discount codes to encourage people to apply. Their activation was great & encouraged over 1000 applications, like Izzy who enriched her application by Tweeting about it.


Seenit eased the casting process in two ways.

  1. Our app’s direction element (such as; framing, sound quality) meant that all applicants were comparable as they performed the same narrative & answered the same questions.

  2. The Seenit Studio was the database for all the applications, & in our studio you can search for specific variables such as; framing, sounds quality, words said (transcription), response to specific direction, etc. The search & direction in Seenit made it easy to scout the best candidate.

Look Fantastic’s team filtered through videos to produce 25 semi-finalists who were invited to the Look Fantastic HQ for a set day & interview. The 25 were then championed online creating a story to follow. The campaign gained further reach as people looking to be finalist would promo their applications via social, just as Charlie did for her friend Lexi

Originally, the Beauty Set was going to be 5 individuals. However, Look Fantastic ‘were totally blown away by the finalists’ so ‘had to make space for’… 5 Beauty Set VIPS and 10 incredible Beauty Set members”. (Read more)

The winners are now powerful marketing assets and influencers in their own right. But most importantly, they are loyal to Look Fantastic as they owe their new reputation to them. (Meet them)

By casting with Seenit, Look Fantastic’s applications were collected in a private, directed, & streamlined manner. This meant the UGC content they posted online was refined beforehand, thus making it more powerful & brand aligned than a public ‘#’ (the method often used for public castings). Also using Seenit, talent discovery & management is taken on to a manageable platform so the candidates could all be easily contacted & reviewed.

All in all…

Have to say, this was one of the most interesting activations of Seenit. It was so great to see the power of a story, influencers, & an awesome opportunity for on-boarding to our app. Plus, using our tech for casting just made so much sense due to the video search & community management in the Seenit Studio. We’re keen to work more in this successful format .

Thinking of doing some kind of casting or want to know more about this project? Drop us a message.


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