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RoboNation | The student becomes the master

July 30, 2018

We are so proud of the staff at RoboNation (a charity that introduces STEM subjects to young people through robotics). Not only do they film great footage of their events, team, and make super entertaining videos, they also have become Seenit experts in their own right. 

In the lead up to RoboSub, Julianna, Janelle, and some friends have made a video showing the importance of using Seenit & shared great filming tips to encourage more fun footage from their students & team.

“Landscape makes it ‘easier to hit record…gives you more space to work with! “


They really are why we can say that Seenit helps ‘instil creative confidence’. Their positive attitudes & imaginative Seenit shot lists prompts amazing content. We love the fact they share fully-edited videos (like the one below) & short Seenit clips, which are often pun-filled, for social.

🎥📱Find out how RoboNation benefits from Seenit & how you could too

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