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Seenit 💚 Earth Day

April 24, 2018

“It’s estimated that a third of all food grown is wasted & never consumed… ” – Emilie Odd Box

“The biggest challenge is creating a product that not many people want to talk about” – Celia DAME

“…sustainability does not equal, uncreative, expensive, or ugly ” – Selina The Bulb Ldn

“…it’s unbelievable how pervasive plastics is, even in the fashion industry” - Cora Hilts Rêve-En-Vert

“Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use disposable items” - Allira Keep Cup

A few of the things Allison & Emily learnt last week for Earth Day 🌏

At Seenit, we’re all about championing those at the heart of the story, so we interviewed our startup friends taking on plastic pollution & helping the world be more green.

Watch our interviews with Celia Pool, Selina Donald, Cora Hilts, Alliar, Emilie Vanpoperinghe & Deepak Ravindran to learn more about how extreme plastic pollution is & consider their businesses the next time you have an event, need fruit & veg, have your period, want a coffee, or need a new dress

Make sure to stay tuned as team Seenit are continuing their environmental wave.

We realised how big of an impact the “Latte Levy” can make as every interviewee mentioned it. This has inspired a Team Seenit pledge.

Our pledge is to get the whole team adopting reusable coffee cups.

Being the video company we are, we will document every time we use our reusable cups and tally how many disposable cups are avoided in the process.

Our group vlog will be blended with an interview with the brilliant team at Percol, information and stats from Keep Cup, plus your top tips & mentions of sustainable coffee consumption!

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