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Aggreko using Seenit | All things IC

April 16, 2018

“Recording with Seenit was so successful at authentically transforming our culture, we started to use the platform for a host of other projects.” – Erika Lee from Aggreko

I mean, could we get a better quote?

For over a year now, Aggreko has been using Seenit to collect and direct employee-generated video. One of their biggest achievements to date is how they effectively communicated the global refresh of their purpose, values and behaviours to #alwaysorange.

Aggreko wanted to strengthen the message around this culture but at the same time avoid the usual top-down corporate video approach. What better way to introduce the new values than by empowering their employees to express them themselves as part of the campaign?

Using Seenit, Aggreko recruited a group of ambassadors known as the ‘Orange Champions’ who recorded and uploaded the content from their individual locations. The resulting video humanised the company and created an authentic piece that helped transform the internal culture.

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