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Nike X Seenit - From the culture for the culture

February 1, 2018

6 cities, 28 people, 670 clips, & 1 story; style your Air Force 1

So, when the Seenit team got the opportunity to work with the Nike marketing team on a campaign they wanted to launch around their iconic Air Force 1 trainer, it was a dream come true for a workforce for whom a pair of these classics is as essential as ciabatta is to regular Waitrose shoppers.

The challenge Nike faced on this project was that with a product that has been around for so long, they needed to find a way to give it a new & fresh feel. At first they produced a line of custom AF1 with Vigril Abloh but unless you were prepared to shell out $1000 (resoled) for the pretty radical ‘off-white’ version, then you might be stuck with a classic pair from Office.

This is where Seenit came in. Nike wanted to champion everyday people who bring personality & original style to the kicks. Using our platform, they were able to seamlessly gather super cool, user generated video content from 28 people from 6 European cities through their phones.

Nike invited talented & stylish young online creative types from London, Paris and Madrid into the Nike Seenit project via the Seenit Capture App. With some visual direction outlined through the storyboard in the app, Nike were able to ensure they got the footage they were looking to use for the campaign while allowing each creator the freedom to express their individual style , beautiful & authentic phone footage of the shoe in each location was collected.

The 670 clips uploaded in Seenit Capture were reviewed in our online studio & edited by Nike’s team to create an online look-book. The culturally & geographically relevant videos were distributed as part of the campaign across the social media channels of the creators, leveraging their audience to its full potential for increased exposure of the content.

The final videos entirely encompassed the versatile nature of the shoe with Risa & her friends showing how they flaunt their AF1 in London, & Carly doing the same for Barcelona in Spain. The creation, distribution, & content was made by the audience that Nike wants to market and ultimately sell to – a tight targeted loop for hyper engaging content & example of peer-to-peer marketing.

We’re super proud of this project. It’s always encouraging when our tech harnesses industry trends like micro-influencers & generates authentic stories. Shout out to Exposure Digital’s Andy Jephson & Shareen Alder, and Ryan Greenwood for using our tech to make the videos look so good! We can’t wait for the next international lookbook – Air Max 97, anyone?

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