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Why Engaging Your Community Really Matters (and How To Do It!)

August 31, 2017

It’s a no brainer that at Seenit, we are mad about community. Seenit was founded on the principle that everyone has a unique voice and point-of-view to share, that ultimately a story can be stronger when these voices come together.

I sat down with our Account Management team to talk to them about why a brand should care about engaging with their community and how to actually go about it.

Figure out who your community actually is

If you don’t already know who your community is, how do you actually go about identifying them? A good place to start is to find the people who are most passionate about your brand. Look at the platforms that you are active on and check out who has engaged with you in a positive way, whether it’s replying to a tweet or sharing your Facebook post or opening and clicking within a newsletter. Social listening tools can be helpful in analyzing and understanding the data around these engagements.

Take the time to understand what your community cares about and where their gaze is

It’s important to pay attention to what your community does and cares about outside of just your brand. What content are they engaging with and where? It goes without saying, but don’t bother trying to post content on platforms that your community doesn’t live in. Consider who your audience is when you create your content.

Don’t be afraid to segment your content plan as well. Your entire community may not always find all of the content you create relevant or engaging to them personally and that’s ok. Tastes constantly change and evolve so keep your finger to the pulse of what’s going on out there!

We’re all human, so don’t be scared to talk to them like one

If you aren’t sure of your brand’s tone of voice, ask your social team or your marketing team. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to get your community excited and enthusiastic to be a part of your project so it helps to keep it friendly and conversational. And remember, the people who are getting involved want to feel like they are talking directly to a brand, so talk to them!

Keep you community growing and active

A few ways to keep your community active and engaged is to be sure to show them what their contributions have helped create and, of course, to say thank you! Feeling appreciated and credited for the content will not only encourage them to get involved again in the future, but it also increases the chance that they will share the content, which could in turn grow your community organically.

You can watch the panel discussion in parts or as the full episode (Director’s cut! Bloopers! General vibes 😎) so don’t miss out.

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