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What We’re Watching - Dunkirk

August 4, 2017

This week it’s more ‘What We’ve all Watched’ than ‘What We’re Watching’. Unsurprisingly, many of our movie savvy team have seen Nolan’s latest epic, Dunkirk. Here are everyone’s two cents on what looks to be a modern classic.


Team Seenit

Kirsty “I normally hate/avoid war films and went to this one somewhat unwillingly. However, it was actually ok. Showed the horror of the situation without being unnecessarily violent and it built up characters you cared about. I thought it was quite powerful the way it showed the same scene from different points of view. Overall, it reinforced for me how lucky I am to be born in an era of peace where we get on with our neighbours and that war should be avoided at all costs.”

Nick R “A bleak look at what it means to be stuck on a beach without a good book”

Allison “Expected nothing less from Christopher Nolan. A beautiful cinematic experience, both visual and audio. The cinematography was so on point. I’m amazed at how they managed to make such beautiful, rich scenes from something so ugly. My only complaint was that I wish all of the actors had been unknowns. Also kind of wish the last 20 minutes or so hadn’t happened. I would have been happy if it had ended without the optimistic resolution.”

Dave “I’ve put money on Dunkirk for best sound Oscar”

Will “Hectic. A reminder why you don’t holiday in northern France in May.”

Robbie “It might have been Tom Hardy…..”

Jordon “Loud noises”

A real review

If our opinions didn’t satisfy, check this interview with Nolan where he discusses the interesting use of time across all his films.

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