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A Day in the Life at The Hut Group

December 12, 2016

2016 has been a big year for The Hut Group! With record breaking sales, international growth and talent investment, they have come so far since they were founded in 2004.

Check out this amazing video they have put together with us to show off all their achievements this year!


What we love about this video is that it showcases the energy of their employees, and gives a great insight into what life is like at The Hut Group. From office parties to behind-the-scenes of their warehouses to smashing the mannequin challenge, the use of Employee Generated Video makes it feel very authentic and real.

What is Employee Generated content and why should you use it?

Employee-generated content (EGC) can really transform your strategy, and here are some reasons why you should consider using it!

Employee-generated content is content created by real people, and comes across much more authentic! Consumers want to engage more with people, rather than a brand! Employee-generated content is a great way to do this, and more and more brands have started to leverage it.

Also, why not let your employees be your greatest ambassadors, by allowing them to produce amazing content like the video above? The more employees are allowed to have a say in the content produced and shared by their company, the more likely they are to share it to their own network! Content shared by employees gets 8X more engagement than content shared through branded channels, so having your employees create and promote content for your brand could be hugely positive!

For more information on how you can use Employee-generated content like The Hut Group has in their communications, why not check out our guide for tips on Employee-generated content and how you can make it work for you?

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