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Seenit ❤️ Community - Shoreditch House Lunchtime 5 Talk Takeaways ⚡️

November 28, 2016

Last Thursday lunchtime, we ventured to Shoreditch House to check out a quick talk on “THE POWER OF COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATION FOR BRANDS” with the amazing creators of Age of Reason, 69b Boutique, GRLPWR and Mother Pukka.

There were many great points made that we felt really echoed Seenit’s values but from an alternative industry standpoint. Here are our 5 key takeaways for creating and building a community!

  1. ‘Collaboration is the glue for community.’ – enable your community to feel more connected through events, posts and engagement.
  2. Always strive for transparency in business – honesty and openness are the basis of a community and business. Share and grow together to be stronger.
  3. Create a space where people want to hangout – physical or virtual! People are more likely to stay and chat if they feel comfortable!
  4. Persistence is key! - Communities don’t appear over night, and your outreach won’t work on the first email. Passion drives the growth of your community so keep at it!
  5. If you’re working with influencers to grow your community, give them creative freedom. - Influencers are only effective if they connect with your gang!

We loved hearing about community from another point of view and it’s fantastic to hear amazing women making noise to support good company vibes.

Loves it 😘

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