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BBC Earth capture community showcase

October 28, 2016

We’ve got to say, Team Seenit love watching the BBC Earth’s Capture Community showcase. If the awe-inspiring images aren’t enough to draw you in, then photographers backstories and passion will.

The videos have reached over 4,890,000 people, racked up 965,260 views and increased BBC Earth’s Instagram community 460%, a reflection of the widespread and growing community.

The Capture Community Showcase champions great nature photography and the amazing people who take them. Often the complexity and passion in amateur photography goes undetected so Seenit has been helping surface this. Each photo, or series of, has a unique set of elements made up of location, time, camera, topic and more often than not serendipity.

So far Wendy, Fredrik, Gianmarco have already been profiled and you can be too!

Join the community and look out for more videos!

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