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Five things I’ve learnt in my month at Seenit.

September 23, 2016

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1. How to carry through a sales pitch.

Being fortunate enough to hop a long to meetings and see how Seenit conduct their pitches to prospective clients has been an invaluable experience for me. The marketing team are very smooth operators here, and I’ve picked up a trick or two over the course of this month.

2. That passion is everything.

I’ve learnt that what lies at the heart of this growing powerhouse, is passion and commitment from all involved. Having spoken with and gotten to know everyone over the course of the last four weeks, I’ve realised that working for a startup requires people to go well beyond their defined roles. Everyone here believes in this company, and it is this dedication that is leading it on to such great success.

3. Client interaction and clear dialogues keep everything ticking along smoothly.

Both of the account operators here at Seenit work endlessly to make all of the various processes and projects run seamlessly. I’ve gathered, since being here, that to achieve this requires strong client-operator relationships, patience and perseverance.

4. Happiness drives productivity.

I’ve now worked in quite a few different office spaces over the years. Some with good vibes, some not so good… What has struck me more than anything during my internship here is how positive and friendly the office environment is. I’ve never worked anywhere quite like it. Happy people, as is proven, are more productive. Seenit is a testament to this. I am convinced this has had a large part to play in your ongoing success, and will continue to help steer the company to a brighter and more prosperous future over the coming years.

5. Ideas are essential.

I love the fact that new ideas are welcomed here, good or bad. The fabric of any company, and certainly the one I hope to set up and run in the future, should always be permeable to the ideas of its employees. This was certainly not the case in some of the other places I have worked in. Here, I’ve been fortunate enough to pursue my own sales leads and concepts since day one. I’ve heard countless others being bound around, and regardless of their practicality they are always welcomed. Working in a place that is open and pragmatic like this has certainly helped define what I want my workspace to envisage in the future. If I get there….

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