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Why Benefit UK turned to Seenit to activate their workforce

September 22, 2016

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In the marketing sphere it has become increasingly clear that traditional advertising paradigms dominating social media channels now are changing. At the heart of this transformation is user-generated content. While the expense of utilising social influencers has grown exponentially over the years, their effectuality is now diminishing. Crowd trap recently revealed that 50% of 18-36 year olds trust UGC more than other forms of media advertising online. They also pointed out that 26% more influential on their purchasing decisions. To circumnavigate these issues and push towards a more contemporary marketing stratergy, Benefit UK began using Seenit to activate the people that actually occupy the centre ground within any brand – the employees.

Enter the ‘benebabes’, a network of staff that we helped Benefit UK tap into for marketing purposes. They contribute videos twice a month offering make up and product advice to push out on Benefit’s various social media channels. Not only has this empowered the employees, offering them a far more prominent face on involvement with the brand, but it has also engaged the consumers. At present there are 60 contributors taking part – in exchange for offering their videos, the beenbabes have been able to add exposure to their individual indipendent vlog platforms. Benefit have total autonomy in choosing which footage they decide to upload in this mutually beneficial system. With over sixty regular contributions and an incredibly high engagement rating online Benefit have decided to incorporate this Seenit project into their monthly promo strategy. It was recently featured in DIGIDAY UK, and can be found here.

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