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Tips from Google - how to make the most of mobile video

April 15, 2016


At 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, David Black, MD of Branding & Consumer Markets at Google UK, shared his recipe for turning a mobile video into a hit.

Mobile has changed the way we create and and consume video. On mobile there is more choice of engagement than ever before, there is literally something for everyone. We are seeing on YouTube that openness brings incredible content diversity.

The stars of today are YouTube users. For millennials, the YouTube star is mainstream.

What does it mean for brand marketers? Now brand marketing is mobile. The principles of brand marketing are the same as they have always been. But choice and engagement that mobile video brings give marketers new ways to reach consumers. Video marketing is mobile marketing.

When viewers choose what to watch they pay more attention to ads. There has to be the way to win the moments that matter.

How do you make the most of mobile video? There are three big things to do.

Show up. Be where you consumers are. More and more of them are watching content on platforms such as YouTube. That is about understanding how user behaviour is changing.

Wise up. You can be greater with data, it is a more measurable world and you can make you marketing more measurable and effective.

Speed up. Make sure that you keep up with the consumers because their habits are changing fast.

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