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Seenit march press roundup

March 24, 2016


Our founder Emily Forbes had a very productive day at the Guardian Changing Media Summit (#GdnCMS)! She spoke at the summit and earned an illustration!

ComputerworldUK wrote an article on Couchbase and how it wants to power the digital economy. Couchbase’s CEO, Bob Wiederhold, shared that “Relational databases aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to the digital economy”. Our CTO, Dave Starling, was added his views and experience with Couchbase. “As a startup we need to be able to adapt really quickly. I started out as a PHP MySQL [developer] and knew the pain of releasing new software and database migrations, whereas with Couchbase we can just have adjacent documents.”

Seenit was invited to the book launch of Go Against the Flow: Women, Entrepreneurship and Success at Unruly’s office. The book is part of a wider [project](http://www.goagainsttheflow.com/, and is definitely a must read! It shares female entrepreneurs’ views on women, entrepreneurship and success. It’s a great insight into the business and how to get started, scaled, and funded. It also demystifies business and tech jargon.

Emily was asked to share her views at the event she said:

“Don’t lose faith in your gut. Celebrate failure, if it goes wrong then you learn! Fail fast and move on!”

Go against the flow

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