9th April 2018 Emily Chappell

🎥📱The all new Seenit Capture App✨

We’re so excited to say Seenit Capture app 2.0 is live! 

Over recent months we have been working hard on something very exciting to share with you.

Making final tweaks and perfecting something special has been our goal and we are now so happy to announce the launch of the latest version of the Seenit Capture App!

“Why – the app was fine as it was?” we hear you ask. Well, our deep product insight and extensive client feedback pushed us to create an app in which contributors are truly at the heart of storytelling.

The main changes are:

  • A switch around of the main navigation, in line with Apple and Google best practice
  • An evolution of the Seenit brand colours, we’re now rolling in baby blue
  • An all-round refresh throughout.

To see what we’ve changed, watch this video &  test the app out for yourself.

Do message us for more information or any questions you may have at support@seenit.io


Make sure to check out Ed’s blog post on how he applied the update to iOS & Android apps

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